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 My spirits a blaze

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PostSubject: My spirits a blaze   Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:35 am

My spirits a blaze
As my loins within'
I send out energy
Recoil it again

Black magic now
And forever more
On the wings of fire I fly
And shall ever soar

When the time shall come
To take my place
And rule as a god
Over the human race

Those decieved and defiled
Who claim they are right
Will learn at last
And dwell in eternal night

Beast shall come
From the heavens and hell
From the earth and sea
And here eternally dwell

And they blind shall see
Their empty souls
As useless creatures
Driven into holes

Power will come
From those of night
Releasing power and justice
With eternal sight

In these days
Ancient gods will rule
Those who disbelieve
Will know their a fool

The secret knowlegde
Will come and consume
All those who don't grasp it
Will meet their doom

The hour has come
The hour is now
The Old Ones return
Their ememy's disembowl

Those who are part
Of these ruling kings
Forever will live
As endless beings

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My spirits a blaze
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