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 Sky Spirits

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PostSubject: Sky Spirits   Sun Dec 16, 2007 9:33 pm

Dragonlady has honored her kin at The Order of The Blood Dragon with this beautiful poem,
so i take the freedom to post as the first person in her forum.

Sky spirits free
From the sealing gate
Set loose to make
And set forth their estate

Among the men
The mortals of earth
And grant to us
Of ancient birth

The rites to know
Our family shall rise
For the heavens
Shall shed it's disguise

And open wide
To the gods abode
Complete the promise
That's long been fortold

Shall come to past
What was begun
Will be at last

The Books of the Dead
Will reveal their source
The Ancient Ones
Will prepare the course

To rule with us
On this earth again
Set up an order
With no end

We will return
To natural form
As at first
With spirit born

We will rule
With other gods
To all the lands
And ocean abrods

The lords shall call
In sared heart
Then the battle
Surely start

So leave behind
The mortal ways
Embrace Our kind
For coming days

Prepare your minds
In wisdom sought
What you know and learn
Forget not

The messengers
Are finally here
With eyes shining bright
And minds so clear

Choose what you think
Of flesh and bone
We are the first
But not alone

For many years
The message shall remain
Falling on all
Like never ending rain

That shall saturate
For all life to know
And as the ivy blooms
Pure truth will show
Copyright 2007 Dragonlady.All rights reserved

We live amongst death and walk dead amongst the living
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Sky Spirits
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